Take Control of your Grain Production with GrainLink Real-time Management

Get real-time automated control, data monitoring, analysis, alerts, and reporting
>100 Locations
>10k Sensors
>1k Bins
>10M Bushells

Designed in Canada by
farmers for farmers.

Simple and user-friendly, our grain management devices give assurance and peace-of-mind to any size farm.
Real-Time Data Collection

Controllers collect  internal Grain Bin temperature and humidity (moisture) data,  using standard Sensor cables Data is then sent to cloud platform for further processing.

Continuous Analysis,  Alerts & Reports

Temperature and Humidity data is continuously analyzed to create customized alerts and reports.

Automated Fan Control

Automatically adjusts fan operation based on real-time data to ensure optimal temperature and humidity levels for the type of grains in each Grain Bin.

Grain Inventory

Farmers can view & manage their grain yards and grain inventory at the farm by monitoring grain bin levels.

Standalone Devices

With built-in cellular modem, using multi vendor SIMs, our solar powered standalone controllers collect temperature and humidity from standard sensor cables installed in Grain bins.

Cloud Based Dashboard

Regularly updated with advanced features, accessible from any internet connected device (computer/laptop/tablet/mobile).

The X11 Controller
Solar Powered, IP67/Outdoor Temperature rated, cellular connected, supporting up to 16 1-wire temperature and moisture cables on separate channels.

Join 100s of grain farms around the world that use the GrainLink system to manage their grain production.

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